Prevent Debris From Building Up in Your Grease Trap

Schedule grease trap pumping and cleaning services in the Cicero, & Syracuse, NY area

When buildup in your grease trap thickens, call on C. Mattes Inc. to clear it out. We offer commercial grease trap pumping and cleaning services in Cicero, NY and surrounding areas.

Turn to us for one-time service to remove a blockage, or schedule recurring service to prevent the grease traps at your restaurant kitchen or food service facility from clogging. Either way, don't delay - schedule grease trap pumping and cleaning services now.

grease trap

What else can you do to prevent buildup in your grease trap?

You can prevent blockages by doing a few simple things. We recommend following these pro tips and tricks:

  • Recycle used cooking oil instead of pouring it down the drain
  • Scrape food waste off plates so it doesn't go down the garbage disposal
  • Wipe down plates, dishes and utensils before loading them into the dishwasher

This way, less debris will collect in your grease trap. To avoid a backup or get rid of one, turn to our crew in Cicero, & Syracuse, NY right away.